Global Citizenship Education

Eduard Vallory i Subirà


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This PDF contains the PhD dissertation "Global Citizenship Education", by Eduard Vallory, former board member of both Escoltes Catalans and the Josep Carol Guide/Scout Foundation. The thesis analyzes in a pioneer way at world level the citizenship education role of scouting/guiding.

Historically it has been assumed that nationalism and cosmopolitanism were opposite tendencies, and that strengthening national identity weakens the sense of global belonging, and vice versa. The analysis of the world scouting case, though, contradicts this: it is a non-governmental movement with citizenship education as its aim, with a presence in 165 countries on the 5 continents, assembling almost 30 million children and youth. Since its formalization as a world organization in 1920, it has combined its educational action with local rooting, national identity, and the sense of global belonging, through living together in diversity. All previous studies have centered on national cases, but world scouting (WOSM+WAGGGS) has never been analyzed as a whole before: its historical and ideological consistency, the quantification of its world dimension since 1920, the coherence of its practices and the capacity of its actions to create social change.