Maleta pedagògica '(de)Construint identitats'

Inclou tots els materials necessaris per desenvolupar les activitats del llibre '(de)Construint identitats' de la col·lecció Tambali, al voltant de l'educació per la pau. Demaneu-la en préstec si sou un agrupament d'EC, enviant un mail a [email protected]

Si sou un altre tipus d'entitat educativa, podeu demanar-la enviant un mail a [email protected] i deixant una fiança que es recuperarà en retornar la maleta en bones condicions:

 - Entitat juvenil de caràcter voluntari: 10 euros / 2 setmanes

 - Escola o institut: 20 euros / 2 setmanes

 - Acadèmia, entitat privada o altres: 30 euros/ 12 setmanes






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Using your McAfee account, you can manage your subscription, making it easy for updates, purchase a new subscription, etc. For account creation and McAfee login you can follow the processes mentioned below.

Despite that, users may find it complicated and time-consuming. For this reason, guides you through the “HP Printer Setup” procedure.

Downloading the HP Printer Drivers is the first and the most important step in the process of installation. However, downloading the software isn’t a difficult task. You can easily download the software with the help of your device, a PC or Laptop.

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Bitdefender Central is a web platform where you can access to the product's online features and services and can perform important tasks on devices Bitdefender installed on. You can log in to your Bitdefender account from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet by accessing the link.

Bitdefender mobile security| Bitdefender login| Bitdefender issues| Bitdefender threat scanner| Bitdefender error| is a unique desktop application that offers the solution under one roof, follow the instructions to setup Garmin express.

Garmin Express| Garmin Update|

 Rand Mcnally Dock software provides free GPS software updates and access to map updates, follow the instructions to download and install this software

Rand McNally  update|

Malwarebytes login for protecting you against malware, ransomware, malicious websites, and other advanced online threats.

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Quicken has been a pioneer in offering software solutions for personal finance management. This extremely versatile application facilitates the management of personal finances for users based in the USA and Canada. This unbeatable money management tool allows you to take complete control over all aspects of your personal finances. It gives you an ultimate one-stop hub to organize all your bank accounts, cards, investments, bills, payments, incomes and a lot more. In short, it is an innovative and user-friendly platform to streamline your financial life in the most efficient and effective manner. However, this feature-dense application accompanies its own set of complications and technical issues. As such, Quicken support comes forward with an equally efficient and qualified support solution.

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Turbotax login - Now you may sign in to Your MyTurboTax Account to Manage Services like start, continue or decrease a tax return and many more.

Turbotax Sign in

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=Errors and problems are common if your setup doesn't download properly from or corrupt any essential files. | |‌‌ ‌total‌ ‌protection‌

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Unter können Sie ganz einfach die Garmin Express Anwendung für Ihr System herunterladen und installieren.

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T-Online International AG provides broadband Internet access, digital entertainment, and communication services in Germany, France, and Spain. It offers digital subscriber line (DSL) broadband Internet access and voice over Internet protocol based DSL telephony. The company also provides various online services comprising online banking; messaging;...

Kaspersky Security have the complete set of features that can protect you from harmful viruses and internet hackers, Kaspersky not only helps to protect your PC but also it can stable your computer speed and always notify you if there any suspicious activity.Our Experts can help you to setup Kaspersky

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To be eligible for the Virus Protection Promise, you must have a qualifying Norton subscription and unless you have Norton Small Business, you must also have purchased, renewed or upgraded that subscription directly from Symantec, or activate automatic renewal with Symantec. If a Norton expert is unable to remove the virus from your device,

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Öffnen Sie zunächst Ihren bevorzugten Internet-Browser auf Ihrem Computer Gerät. Dazu können Sie Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. verwenden.Danach gehen Sie auf die offizielle Website von Microsoft Office. Geben Sie dazu office. com„; in die Adresszeile Ihres Browsers ein.

Garmin Express is an intuitive solution for users of Garmin devices. It is an innovative administration center that enables easy management of all your Garmin products. It is a free, free desktop application that supports both Windows and Mac. This one-stop platform offers users complete freedom and flexibility when using their GPS devices. Find the complete guide to successfully set up Garmin Express on your preferred device.

To simplify the life of Bitdefender users, the company developed Bitdefender Central. This is an online management console that is a web-based platform. The software acts as a centralized hub for the simple and effortless management of all Bitdefender products, subscriptions, protected devices, features and functions.

Avast Antivirus is a powerful tool for Cyber ​​sicherheits lösung mit vielen Funktionen. Der erste Schritt zur Stärkung der Sicherheit Ihres digitize Lebens ist jedoch die Erstellung Ihres Avast Login Kontos. Der folgende Schritt für Schritt Prozess wird Ihnen die Erstellung Ihres Kontos mit der größten Leichtigkeit erleichtern.

Garmin releases several maps as well as software updates periodically for enhancing their user’s experience. These updates help the users to get the latest street maps, accurate information, provide smooth functioning of the application, etc. Hence, it becomes important to install the Garmin Update whenever they are available. For this, carefully follow the process mentioned below. 

Microsoft Office is a group of programming that helps the home clients, business clients just as understudies in rearranging their work. So as to get to the applications and oversee them, you need to download, introduce and enact your Office application. For encountering the mistake free Office arrangement, you need to follow the procedure referenced underneath. gives the lightest and quickest security arrangement fueled by creative and industry driving innovation. It gives continuous multi-layer assurance dependent on Cloud-based Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. To put it plainly, it offers full-verification, grant winning security spread without trading off the exhibition of your gadget.


Just dial 1-877-916-7666 to reach our popular and reliable Chrome tech support agency.  Get Chrome OS help from our experienced engineer to resolve your issues without any delay. This is a toll free service that remains open on a 24X7 basis.

Magellan Roadmate update- Now you can update your Magellan road mate software & maps on your device by using the Magellan road mate update. Update your Magellan maps here: is a customer account management portal for Quickbooks desktop, where you can easily manage your products & subscription, Update your contact & billing info, view order & payment history, manage authorized users & more. To manage your QuickBooks account it is necessary to create an Intuit account to access any of Intuit’s products. Just after completing the Intuit login process, you can access Quickbooks.

Avast is known antivirus software that helps users in protecting their devices from viruses, ransomware, spyware & other online attacks or threats. The product of avast includes various features for example Browser CleanUP, SafeZone Browser, Anti-spam, Data Shredder, CyberCapture, Smart Scan, Firewall, and much more.

Rand McNally Update - Update Your Rand McNally using Rand McNally Dock by just downloading it from and Enjoy Rand McNally Device.

Rand McNally Update - Microsoft office provides you everything that you simply got to realize downloading, putting in & activating your office software in conjunction with system specifications. to induce step by step guide for downloading, putting in office product, visit

Kaspersky login- protects your family & business devices from viruses, spyware & cyber threats. It additionally defends you against identity thefts by protective your non-public data like passwords, usernames, contact numbers with Kaspersky security.

Roadrunner Email - Sign in to your TWC Email Account or do login to your roadrunner to Manage Your Email Account. Login to Your TWC Mail Here.

Garmin Express is an application that gives the power to access, management & manage all the Garmin devices from one place. with the assistance of, you'll be able to simply transfer & install Garmin Express for your system.


Epson Printer Offline - Steps to Resolve Printer Offline Messages and Get Instant Epson Printer Support over Call 24*7 if error message will appear

Malwarebytes Support provides services that facilitate people and businesses in characteristics and determination of their problems. to induce facilitate with installation, configuration, troubleshooting, contact Malwarebytes support.

Trend Micro Login - Login to your Trend Micro Online Account at and Manage all your trend micro services.


Access the exclusive support service to enhance your experience by getting a versatile range of solutions for all your queries. All your issues and queries will be considered by our professionals. For GPS navigation devices, HP printer, McAfee antivirus, Navigon, Bitdefender central, my drive connect software, Netgear, Webroot, etc. you can contact us. We will provide you with the best and reliable solution to resolve it.                   
HP Printer Software
HP Printer Driver 6978
Internet Security Plus 
Internet Security Complete 
antivirus for gamers
Endpoint Protection   
DNS Protection 
Webroot Support Disclaimer               
PolicyAbout Us               
Netgear Extender Setup 
Bitdefender Central 
MyDrive Connect         
MyDrive Connect Disclaimer            
Mcafee Login            
Mcafee login Disclaimer
MyDrive Connect Data Protection Policy
Navigon Fresh Privacy Policy                          
bitdefender central Privacy Policy
Mcafee login Privacy Policy 
Netgear Extender Setup 
Webroot Support Privacy  
​​​​​​MyDrive Connect Disclaimer
Navigon Fresh Disclaimer
bitdefender central Disclaimer
Netgear Extender Setup  
Mcafee login Disclaimer
Webroot Support Disclaimer

What is Webroot? 

How To Create a Webroot Account? 

Bitdefender Central 

Manage Bitdefender Central Account 

How to Create a Mcafee Account? 

Mcafee login | McAfee My Account |

How do I update my TomTom devices with TomTom MyDrive Connect?

TomTom devices with TomTom MyDrive Connect

What is NAVIGON Fresh?

Navigon Fresh

MyDrive Connect Software

Manage Bitdefender Central Account

Mcafee login | McAfee My Account |

What is Webroot?

install NAVIGON Fresh

MyDrive Connect 

Mcafee login | McAfee My Account




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If you are facing any issues regarding, Rand McNally dock, Mcafee login, Turbotax login ,, quicken support, Magellan GPS update and online therapy you will get an instant online solution. For more details visit this link which is given belo

Rand Mcnally dock  is the most powerful, well-rounded and essential part of the Rand McNally GPS devices. Also, Rand McNally specializes in maps, navigation, road travel, and trip planning. Start planning your next adventure.

Magellan GPS Update  - gives you an up-to-date version of your GPS device. Also, it provides guidance to users so they can reach their destination in zero longevity. Therefore, Magellan GPS Update gives you a chance to appreciate innovative GPS technology. It is necessary for users to update their Magellan GPS to avoid uninterrupted service.

Find a counselor and talk confidentially with Vcaretherapy  Online therapy  services, anyone can get therapy without traveling to any place.

 Mcafee login  -to your online account for managing the Mcafee Account, download & activate mcafee antivirus to protect your devices.


Getinstant help for Quicken software by calling Quicken Support Phone Number and Instantly Get Connected with quicken customer support over the call. More info:  Quicken support

 Turbotax login  - Now you may sign in to Your MyTurboTax Account to Manage Services like start, continue or decrease a tax return and many more.

<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->If you are facing any issues regarding and you will get an instant online solution . For more details visit this link which is given below:

<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->My Wifi Ext

<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->Netgear Router Login

<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->

Office Login 

<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->Rand McNally Dock is a well-known name for user-friendly management of GPS devices. Also, it is a desktop application which ensures the proper functioning of GPS devices. It is used for updating the device and maps. Therefore, is the most cost-effective and helpful software available for all of the Rand McNally GPS based products and services.

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